Sleep Better Feel Happier Get Younger

    How Many How Long Result
    In the morning 4 Before sleep 4 Water w/ empty stomach As long as you want Sleep Better Feel Happier Get more Energetic



    How Many How Long Result
    In the morning 8 Before Bed 8 Water w/ empty stomach 100 days (70% people) 6- 9 months (30% customers) in case you have had any chronic health issues Rejuvenation: Hair, Skin, Organs, Bones, Blood Get 10 years younger


    About 70% of people who go through the Rejuvenation Program experience dramatic rejuvenation of their skin and organs within the first 100 days. 30% of people who have had chronic health issues or have depended on medication for a long time will not get full rejuvenation within 100 days. Usually, it takes six to nine months for them to feel ten to fifteen years younger. They may also experience more intensive detoxification and retracing process. Make sure that you read the “Detoxification and Retracing Process” in the FAQ section so that you can go through the process without misunderstanding or fear.


    Get Leaner Build Muscle


    How Many How Long Result
    Replace dinner with 12, 14-18 Hours of daily Intermittent Fasting 30~100 Days Or several times per week continually

    Lose Fat Gain Muscle Better Skin Clean Blood


    Take two meals per day, either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, with sufficient protein and fiber. After the second meal, do not take any calories, which is about 18 hours per day. Instead of one meal, breakfast or dinner, take 12 capsules and the rest four 12 hours later. Spend 30 minutes a day for exercise. The combination of intermittent fasting, supercharged youth hormone production, and some activity will help you gain muscles while losing much fat like when you were younger.

    We make TeloMind with the purest food from nature. The chance to have any side effect is the same chance for you to have any side effect after eating steamed rice or drinking clean water. However, TeloMind powerfully activates the body’s innate ability to cleanse toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals and to rejuvenate itself. Moderns are very used to medications and surgeries, yet, not well educated about the fantastic natural cleansing process and miraculous repairing process of our body system. It is essential for you to read below “Detoxification and Retracing Process.”

    We are all born with the most potent detoxification and repairing ability in our body, which cannot be topped by any technology or medicine. When the right combination of nutrition and water are provided, these abilities are unlocked.

    The first stage of repairing always starts with cleansing. Your body starts to push out toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals through intestine, liver, kidney, and skin. For a couple of days, experiencing diarrhea, feeling sleepy, needing to go to the bathroom often, and having skin rash are quite common symptoms to moderns who live in cities. When you help individuals turn on switches, burn fatty deposits, detox organs and activate immunity to kill stealth microbes hidden throughout the body, it can be a shocking experience to many under those circumstances. It’s an excellent chance to check how much toxins you had in your body. If you worked in a chemically exposed environment, had chemotherapy, had depended on heavy medication, or had chronic health issues, the detoxification period may take longer than others. Rest assured. It will all passes by. Trust in your body.

    The second stage of repairing is retracing. Retracing is a natural expression of the body when something healthy or therapeutic is introduced into the body that allows for it to catch up with its new healing and cleansing priority which it didn't have the energy to do before.

    It can sometimes feel uncomfortable once the healing response is initiated and will usually pass after a few days. It is a positive response that most are not familiar with coming from a background of symptom relief instead of true regeneration and repair. When a retracing experience happens and the periodical detox of organs are generally compromised. In the case of the skin, it usually goes to the liver. When the liver doesn't purify the blood or lymph that can be flooded from microbial die-off, the emergency exit system becomes the skin.

    The recommendation is to take soak baths to help with the skin detox. Support the liver with more Omega-3s and Magnesium. Be sure plenty of water and regular bowel movements are happening, and I would reconsider taking allergy pills as they may just be suppressing the symptoms instead of supporting the body's efforts to remove the toxins (Just a consideration to look at).

    Retracing is a welcome sign of repairing. If it fails to occur, one knows that a healing method offers symptomatic relief, but the repairing is not at the deepest levels. Most retracing symptoms are mild and brief. One may not even notice them. At times, however, they are annoying and unpleasant. Very rarely, they come with excruciating pain, which is a sure sign of reconstructing your body.

    Taking eight capsules a day (4/4) allows the overall quality of life gradually to improve. However, great rejuvenation along with detoxification and retracing process is not likely to follow. If you take 16 capsules a day (5/5/6), you will experience fantastic rejuvenation, yet, this comes with stronger detoxification and retracing process. With understanding the mechanism, this experience can be welcomed, endured, and passed with gratitude than fear.


    List of Detoxification (Releasing Toxins, Heavy Metals, Chemicals through Organs)


    You may experience

    Average Period


    Gas, Diarrhea, Bloody Stool

    1-2 Days



    2-3 Days

    Kidney Bladder

    Frequent and dark colored Urine, Hematuria

    1-2 Days


    Itching rash or Swelling

    2-4 Days

    Rare Cases

    Releasing Toxins through Vomiting or Nose Bleeds

    1-2 Hours

    * What is Retracing? It is a process by which the body re-experiences old illnesses or traumas that were incompletely repaired in the past. The purpose is to wholly and thoroughly correct these old conditions. As workers repair broken parts of a building, it will create a lot of dust, waste, and noise. Likewise, when the body gains enough strength to repair itself, it will temporarily cause more pain and discomfort. For instance, the swollen part is more swollen, and the affected area feels worse, such as fever and pain. It is a definite proof that repairing is in process.

    Most will pass within 1-7 days. In the case of chronic issues, they appear to be in a few times throughout three weeks to 3 months. The retracing process is a hill that must climb and go through, and any medication or hospital treatment will not help. No pain no gain. It is also an excellent chance to take time and apologize to the body

    List of Retracing


    You may experience

    Average Period

    Constipation or Diarrhea

    As the gut system changes, which is the increase of endemic beneficial bacteria (such as lactic acid Bifidus) and the decrease harmful E. coli., diarrhea may occur for several days, or constipation becomes more severe for 1-3 weeks, depending on the type of Escherichia coli.

    1 - 3 Weeks

    Staying Awake

    At Night

    Just like exercising before sleep can keep people awake a while, taking TeloMind at night may give too much energy to some sensitive people. If this happens, take them before dinner or even before lunch for about 3-7 weeks based on body sensitivity. As the gut and nerve system rejuvenate, people will be able to take them right before sleep, which will enable their body to sleep deeper and fully rejuvenate.

    1 - 2 Days

    Fatigue / Foreign substance in the eyes

    The process of liver restoration. If acidic constitution, it will last for about three weeks

    3 Days

    Fluctuation of Blood sugar

    Blood pressure


    Thyroid Level

    As the organs begin to cleanse and repair itself, they push out all toxins into the bloodstream. If the blood is checked, it is quite common that blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid level begins to rise. Don’t be shocked. It is the natural recovery process. The body balances them. After some cleaning and repairing, the numbers drop for a while. Then, the next phase of cleansing and repairing continues, and the numbers rise again. As the body repeats this pattern, the blood will get fundamentally cleaner, and the organs will experience amazing rejuvenation.

    3 Weeks -3 Months


    The phenomenon happens during brain rejuvenation. People who had strokes will have long-term and repeating headaches like for three weeks to 3 months as the reconstruction is processing.

    3-7 Days

    People with very weak Stomach or Gastritis:

    After taking the product, the stomach may feel uncomfortable or tingling. If this is the case, take it after meals, or if discomfort remains, mix the flour with other foods and enjoy it comfortably. After three to seven weeks, digesting capsules, with an empty stomach will be comfortable. Check the stomach by trying the kind of food which gave discomfort before.

    3 - 7 weeks

    Heart Aching or

    faster Beating

    Don’t be surprised. It is a common symptom of cardiovascular recovery.

    3-7 Days

    Soreness, Aching all over from the Flu with no particular reasons

    The process of recovery of the nervous system, blood circulation, and related organs.

    3 Days

    Feeling like throwing up or


    The process of recovery for those who are weak in glycemia and who have a weak renal function.

    3-7 Days


    People do not usually feel any retracing. As the prostate repairs, the frequency of going to the bathroom during sleep dramatically decreases, and they will begin to sleep through the night.

    7 Days - 3 Weeks

    TeloMind is not designed to cure, treat, prevent any specific disease. TeloMind provides the complete set of nutrition chain which triggers and activates the innate cell regeneration system so that your body can rejuvenate itself like when you are younger.

    Yes. Bioactive peptides in TeloMind are quickly used to help our intestine to produce melatonin. 50% of customers experience incredible deep sleep from the first night. 70% of customers experience amazing sleep quality within the first four weeks. The rest 30% of customers, who has a very toxic gut system, achieve good sleep after about 100-120 days.

    Yes. Bioactive peptides in TeloMind are quickly used to help our intestine to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a happy hormone which balances us from anger, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and mood swing. FTE is clinically proven to lessen stress and anxiety level. For more information go to “Clinical Studies” in the menu.

    Yes. If your body gets younger and if your body repairs itself better like when you were younger, will it increase the chance to perform better as an athlete? Absolutely. FTE is clinically proven to help muscle development and hormone production. For more information go to “Clinical Studies” in the menu.

    Yes. Bioactive peptides in TeloMind are used to help our body to produce testosterone like when you were younger. Testosterone is used to build muscle, to strengthen bones, and to increase sexual desire and satisfaction. FTE is clinically proven to help muscle development and hormone production. For more information go to “Clinical Studies” in the menu.

    Telomind contains all life essence: 22 amino acids, vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, glyconutrients, omega 3, and bioactive peptides. Generally speaking, if you take more than eight capsules per day, you don’t have to depend on other supplements. However, there is no such thing as one product taking care of everything regardless of diet, stress level, exercise habit, and sleeping habit. If you add fiber enriched vegetables, omega three fortified food such as perilla, chia seeds, almonds, and fish to your diet, combined with TeloMind, you will experience the optimal level of youth and vibrancy in the most cost-effective way. If your body is going through an excessive amount of stress, exercise, or battle with health issues, taking 16 capsules of TeloMind will minimize the damage and maximize the regeneration of your organs.

    Body: Sufficient sleep time/ More than 3L of water/ Regular exercise/ Keep your body warm at all time/ Eat fiber enriched food

    Soul: Take time to listen to local seminars or online webinars about TeloMind until it makes sense to you/ Try to understand and dissolve the root of anger and hatred in life/ Gratitude, positive, and hopeful mindset

    Spirit: Purpose driven life to better others’ lives Amount of TeloMind: The complete set of nutrition is provided into the body, the better chance the body has to repair and rejuvenate itself. Taking more is usually the better. If you don’t feel anything, always try to take more TeloMind until the repairing system is triggered.

    TeloMind was designed to enable your body to experience the maximum level of youth, vibrancy, beauty, and longevity. We recommend you to try 100 days of Rejuvenation program first and continue with “Quality of Life” program for the rest of your life.

    22 amino acids are like alphabets while bioactive peptides are like words. First of all, it is not easy to get all 22 amino acids from the daily diet. Moreover, our body has limited ability to transform 22 amino acids into hundreds of thousands of bioactive peptides, which become ingredients for all hormones, DNAs(Nucleic Acids), and growth factors which direct stem cell production and activity. As we age, our body gets more deficient of these bioactive peptides, thus, resulting in the lack of hormone production, failure to repair DNA strands and telomeres, and slow cell regeneration. It is almost impossible to get all those hundreds of thousands of bioactive peptides in a single food. Dr. Davidson and Dr. Eskeland discovered that bioactive peptides are explosively produced only at the early stage of life and quickly used to grow life. LifeDesigner has developed the technology to capture the full life essence and put it in a capsule.

    Yes. TeloMind is full of natural superfoods which enhance brain development, mental focus, a growth of height, and stamina of young adults. 4-8 capsules are recommended for teenagers per day while 1-2 capsules are good enough for kids under 3.

    Yes. Pets usually go through dramatic rejuvenation of hair, skin, energy level, and overall health. Providing 2-3 capsules per day will keep your pets as vibrant as possible. You will save a lot of money down the road.

    TeloMind is a natural nutritional supplement, and you don’t need a prescription to give it a try. Individuals who are allergic to egg white are advised to open a capsule of TeloMind and test the powder on your tongue. Standard egg white and the fertilized white extract is different.

    The natural extracts in TeloMind don’t interact with pharmaceuticals. This means the supplement is safe for you, even if you’re undergoing medical treatment for a particular condition. Individuals that are taking vitamins or other food supplements can take TeloMind without worrying about overdosing or interactions between the ingredients.

    It does not stop at anti-aging. It rejuvenates your whole body if you take the right dosage. The bioactive peptides, found in TeloMind, work on a cellular level. In addition to stimulating tissue regeneration, TeloMind and is also a powerful source of antioxidants that protect the cells against the activity of free radicals, thus slowing down cellular aging with additional anti-aging advantages. It can slow cognitive decline, improve memory and enhance focus. Even individuals who are starting to experience problems associated with brain function can enjoy the benefits of TeloMind and. Some of the bioactive peptides found in the supplement are powerful neurotransmitters, other repair neurons and improve the “communication” between those cells. Thus, seniors and individuals that have a stressful job will benefit from the rejuvenating and brain enhancement effects of TeloMind.

    FTE is extracted from albumen which has 0 cholesterol. The egg has long had a bad reputation because of the cholesterol found in the yolk. If you’re a health conscious individual, you have undoubtedly read about the bad reputation of eggs, and you’re curious whether TeloMind is a source of cholesterol. The good news is that the FTE derived from eggs is 100 percent cholesterol-free. There’s one more crucial factor to take into consideration – the cholesterol found in foods can contribute to very little increase in bloodstream cholesterol. The eggs bad reputation is a significant mistake. Researchers have recently uncovered that the egg is a source of lecithin and lecithin can help for breaking down cholesterol. Thus, the moderate consumption of eggs is a good thing. The yolk is a source of so many different nutrients. Even if you’re conscious about eating egg yolks, you shouldn’t worry about TeloMind.

    An egg is a small miracle in itself. The fragile shell hides inside everything that is necessary for sustaining life. The egg contains a range of vitamins, nutrients and trace minerals. The amino acid profile of an egg is unparalleled. It’s a source of all eight essential amino acids – the ones that can’t be synthesized in the human body. Whether you want to have healthy hair or you’re looking for weight management options, the consumption of eggs is undoubtedly a good idea.

    We are committed to making use of the best and purest natural ingredients only. The FTE producing team has built more than 30 years of experience, know-how, and technology in Norway. Hens who are not free range can be fed antibiotics, hormones and other additives. Free-range chickens can go outside, interact with other chickens and consume their natural diet. These facts affect the quality of eggs. Free range eggs tend to have a higher concentration of beneficial nutrients, repeated studies suggest The egg extract found in TeloMind is derived from eggs in Norway. Norway is one of the few countries in the world that are salmonella-free. Only a few poultry industries in the world are declared completely salmonella-free (Ireland and Denmark’s industries are two examples). The same applies to poultry and eggs manufactured in Norway.

    The egg extract found in TeloMind is derived from eggs in Norway. Norway is one of the few countries in the world that are salmonella-free. Only a few poultry industries in the world are declared completely salmonella-free (Ireland and Denmark’s industries are two examples). The same applies to poultry and eggs manufactured in Norway.

    TeloMind is a nutritional supplement, not a medicine. The supplement is manufactured exclusively by LifeDesigner in the USA and sold globally with fast worldwide shipping. We welcome inquiries from Medical Professionals including Doctors, Veterinarians, Naturopaths, Nurses, Paramedics, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, and Complementary Health Workers.