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Younger Skin and sleep better

Byung 42 , Sales

La Habra
Start:Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Duration:5 months
Capsules/Day:10 capsule a day
Deep Sleep Happiness Less Stress Anger Management Younger Skin Younger Hair Energy Level Memory Focus

After taking Telomind for 3 months, my friends told me that my face is brighter than before. Also I realized that I slept better after 3 months of taking Telomind. Sometimes I felt well organized with remembering something at my job when it’s busy and stressful situations. I know that I can tell my body reacts turn little better way than before. I want to try couple more months to find out how my body turns to for better result. Thank u~

Miracle in a Capsule !!!

Monica 54 , Self Employed

Sacramento, CA
Start:Sunday, July 1, 2018
Duration:9 Months
Deep Sleep Happiness Less Stress Anger Management Younger Skin Memory Focus Body Pain

I have never taken any nutritional supplements regularly like this until now. I feel great with TeloMind, since I am taking this, my skin tone became much brighter and vibrant, also improved my concentration level and focus. I recommend it to those who have depression or anxiety attack and to a person with a deep emotional ups and downs, because the serotonin component in the product helps stabilize the emotional fluctuations. I am so grateful for this product and happy to share the information to anyone!

Effective! Highly Recommend

Benny 67 , Manufacturer's Rep

Anaheim, CA
Start:Thursday, August 10, 2017
Duration:thru 4/5/2019
Deep Sleep Happiness Less Stress Younger Skin Energy Level

67 years old male. I am happy with Life Designer's product and service. I started eating TeloMind two years ago, surprisingly, insomnia soon disappeared after TeloMind. If I woke up in the middle of the night, it was hard for me to fall back into sleep. Now I could fall asleep easily within 10 seconds and sleep comfortably throughout the night. Also, I would get up 3-5 times to go to the bathroom at night. Now I don't use the restroom during the night at all, and the frequency has decreased to once or twice/night on average. Other things I would like to add are the product helps me look young and gain strength. Many people told my face looked young and peaceful. My golf distance is much longer, so I get an average of 30 yards more than my peers. Never thought I would write this much down with excitement, but LifeDesigner brought me a new life.

Got my skin and hair back!

Sharon 69 , Self Employed

Start:Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Duration:2 Years 7 Months
Deep Sleep Happiness Less Stress Younger Skin Younger Hair Energy Level Muscle Development Bowel Movement Digestive System Fast Recovery after Exercise Memory Focus Others

I was taking too much medicine in August 2017, and that got me in trouble. Around the same time, I found TeloMind and started taking two capsules in the morning and two in the evening. Soon I increased my dosage to 4 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, 4 in the evening from October 2017. After a couple of months, people around me asked if I had Botox in my face. It was a nice surprise because my original skin used to be dry and sallow and looked tired. Since TeloMind I was neither too tired nor too hungry anymore even after I met my clients and talked to them all day long. When I sleep, I can sleep deeply. I used to have a wig because of my hair because my hair was falling off. Now it's growing back. My hair stylist says that I have lots of baby hairs and the hair is visibly thicker. My eyelashes are back too! Thank you LifeDesigner!

I only take TeloMind now!

Sun 51 , Sales

Los Angeles, CA
Start:Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Duration:08/21/2018 - 04/05/2019
Deep Sleep Happiness Less Stress Anger Management Younger Skin Younger Hair Energy Level Muscle Development Bowel Movement Digestive System Fast Recovery after Exercise Fat Loss Memory Focus Joints Body Pain Others

My life has changed so much after I took these supplements. My hair became healthier! All my white hair changed into new stronger hair. I went on a diet and I don’t have any wrinkles on my face. Other people are telling me that I look younger! My body is now stronger and I have more energy. I don’t need any other vitamins because TeloMind provides everything.

I am Healthier than Ever!

Insook 62 , Self Employed

Start:Thursday, August 10, 2017
Duration:08/10/2017- 04/05/2019
Deep Sleep Happiness Less Stress Anger Management Younger Skin Younger Hair Energy Level Bowel Movement Digestive System Fast Recovery after Exercise Memory Focus Joints Body Pain Others

I am a 62-year-old female and LOVE their product! I was diagnosed with cancer in March 2014 and received chemotherapy from April to June. It was an incredibly tough time of my life. And after receiving the chemotherapy three times, my hair was falling off including my eyebrows and eyelashes. My digestive system became dysfunctional - I could not eat well. I was relying on sleeping pills to get myself to sleep at least a little bit. Fast forward to 2017, as I recovered much more, I went traveling to Chicago with my high school alumni for about a week. When I got back, I started to feel cold, and I could not eat and sleep. This illness lasted for 30 days, my head was splitting in half, my eyeballs were hurting, and my face turned like a grandma. Then I was introduced to the TeloMind, on the first day I took five capsules in the evening. I slept very deeply at night. So I decided to take five more capsules in the morning and laid down on my bed and guess what, surprisingly I wanted to eat something.. my appetite was coming back! So I repeatedly ate and slept for five consecutive days. The feeling of dizziness disappeared, I got an appetite back, pain in my eyes from not being able to sleep was gone. My life had returned to NORMAL! Since then, I took five capsules in the morning, 5 in the afternoon, 6 in the evening. Wrinkles on my face faded and the tone of my skin got brighter and more radiant. And now I look healthier than ever.


Yunkee 54 , Restaurant Owner

La Palma, CA
Start:Sunday, March 4, 2018
Deep Sleep Happiness Less Stress Younger Skin Energy Level Muscle Development Bowel Movement Fast Recovery after Exercise Joints Body Pain

So grateful and feel fortunate that I found this product...I do not have to suffer from lack of energy, fatigue, various types of infections, and joint pains any more just to name a few. The best thing about it is after strenuous workout, if I take it before going to bed, it helps me sleep better plus next morning, there is no muscle or joint pain, so I am up refreshed for a new vibrant and energy filled day. Plus now my skin tone is so much brighter and I even look much younger! Thanks to Telomind!!!

I lost 14 pounds in 4 weeks.

Richard 34 , Advertising

New York, NY
Start:Thursday, January 10, 2019
Duration:1 Month
Deep Sleep Energy Level Muscle Development Fast Recovery after Exercise Fat Loss Joints Libido Body Pain

I am 34 year old guy working 11 hours a day and did not think about going on a diet. Then I ran an Inbody Composition Analysis at the gym, and the result was shocking. PBF (Percentage of Body Fat) was almost 40%. I was 198 lbs at that time, and I am 5’10”. I was obviously overweight. Alarmed with my health, I searched through the internet for some help. Long story short, I found TeloMind through social media, and I lost 14 pounds total and gained 6 pounds of muscle since day 1. So that means I lost total of 20 pounds of fat. Voilà! I must say this was the EASIEST fat loss journey. I reached out to their customer service for some tips to maximize results. They kindly walked me through the process - the key is to maintain 18 hours of the empty stomach. Here is what I did. 8 AM: I take 16 capsules at once instead of having dinner - this is equivalent to one meal. 12 PM: Have lunch. During lunch, I can eat whatever I want. 6 PM: Have dinner. To sum up, I only skipped one meal in the morning, and it was almost effortless. Some people might wonder how I stayed without actual food. After 16 capsules, I rarely remember myself looking for food. I did not feel any hunger, anxiety, and stress. Instead, I felt more energetic, positive, focused and slept well.

Energy is returning.

Sam 47 , Business Owner

Chicago, IL
Start:Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Duration:3 Months
Deep Sleep Younger Skin Energy Level Muscle Development Fast Recovery after Exercise Libido

I will turn fifty in just a couple of years. I work in a somewhat stressful environment where there are always tight deadlines and impossible demands. After two decades, it finally took a toll on my sexual appetite. Within a few weeks of taking TeloMind, I felt so energetic. I felt the changes in my testosterone level. It sounds unreal, but it feels like I got my 20’s libido back! Now, I even work out, and I have started building my muscles again. I don’t need to take a few days of resting in between my gym days because I don’t feel fatigued and my muscles recover quickly from the previous day. I highly recommend TeloMind if you want your energy back.

Worth the Investment

Jennifer 40 , Accountant

Pheonix, AZ
Start:Friday, October 26, 2018
Duration:4 Months
Deep Sleep Happiness Less Stress Energy Level Muscle Development Bowel Movement Digestive System

At first, I was hesitant because the price was higher than expected but it turned out that it was one of the best investment I’ve ever done in recent years! I initially purchased the product because I was having a serious digestion problem. I had been dealing with my digestion issue for many years and having discomfort in the stomach is one of the worst feelings you can ever experience. I became afraid to eat, I lost my appetite then I became thinner and thinner. Then I found TeloMind. I have to say this is an absolute lifesaver! I can eat almost anything without having any stomach problem. Because I eat better, I feel better, I have no headache anymore. I heard so many times about the stem cell and this supplement does repair my body. At first, I felt it with my body then I know it now. I visually see my wrinkles are disappearing! The product generates my skin cells! People tell me I look better these days. I am so so happy with the product!